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The Audacity to Hope: Speech 2nd March 2021

Hi I’m Aimee.

One of the 4 artists creating artwork for this art explosion.

However, just quickly I’m not comfortable today speaking about explosions,

so let’s speak about the audacity to hope.

I will be raw and upfront.

I am not a fantastic speaker.

I will trip and stumble over my words.

I will refer to my notes a million times.

A trait of mine is to be implosive and I may even run off topic.

I promise to try my hardest to stay on this track.

And I will promise to try to make eye contact,

however, this is not in my nature.

I am sorry I am not trying to be rude, or uninviting,

I am trying to be me.

I have the biggest heart and a world of hope that my voice might even change the world a little.

I do have a message that goes along with my artwork that needs to be heard.

I will be brave to get this message out.

So stay with me.

Lets talk art.

The Audacity of Hope.

The Art work:

What is hope?

Do you believe in hope?

In current times the Audacity to hope is sitting with all humankind watching the world unfold at the moment.

Can you see that with the Audacity of Hope that there is always hope?

Even at this moment.

This time

This space.

That is the audacity of hope.

I am standing here,

now, giving you the permission

to ask for hope

Anytime that you feel you are not holding on to it.

Oh isn’t that so easy!

Excuse me, can I borrow a little bit of hope?

It’s not like ordering a new phone online

Or a coffee at your local cafe.

1 BigMAC and a side of hope, please.

Asking for help, hope, support or love.

What we humanly need is the hardest thing to reach for.

When someone is in desperate need of hope

sometimes they ask in the most unloving ways.



Breaking down


You can’t even see you need hope.

Spreading kindness,

a smile,

a touch of love

Reaching out (we can reach so fair now in this day and age with social media)

is always sending a little bit of hope into the world.

Your actions can be someone’s hope when we can’t see them needing it.

My artwork is named the audacity of hope.

The music linked to this artwork gave its name.

The music which is just adobe stock music is called the audacity of hope.

And watch out next time.

Cos I just let my implosive behaviours take over and order a keyboard.

What was I thinking!!

The universe knew the name of this artwork before I did.

And it is my 1st moving art shown publicly.

And didn’t that create anxiety in itself -

so thank you to the amazing team at MRSPAG for working closing with MRSC to get it going.

The audacity of Hope

was created over a period of time where

my own mental health was being addressed.

At the start of the project,

I thought I just suffered anxiety,

Covid depression,

Loss of friends

Loss of normal

but I found out it’s more.

And that’s okay.

I am not normal.

I don’t want to be normal either.

What is normal?

This artwork allowed me to accept that I am growing like a weed in a place I do not belong.

I took hours,



Macedon Ranges skies


Ruby the rabbit (nutcase bunny that needs to be mentioned)

My dogs.

and I allowed myself to unpack myself.

This artwork,

this is my unpacking

And it goes in and out of the darkness.

While always holding on to a little bit of hope.

I made sure I drove it back to hope.

I was submerged by time.

Loss of time

found out is an ADHD trait.

I would sit for hours lost in the artwork.


I was throwing images around,



around like a 2-year-old unpacks a toy box.

Another hyperactive brain racing.

I then used my impulsivity

and threw this together.

When I had given up hope of following my dreams as an artist,

I was thrown a little bit of hope from MRSPAG and this project.

Nadine Hartnett you have been so many peoples hope.

The art has so much more than this,

I have hidden so much,


Unpacked and

Smashed together

But I am not going to tell you the stories. The images speak better than I do.

My heart is here on the screen,

I am sad I have finished it because it gave my life hope

But really now the art is now ready to do its job

Spread its own message

And a new project will come I have hope in that.


But What If I fall?

Oh Darling what if You fly!

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