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Thank You Diary: Six the Musical

It Was Kickass - True to its advertising!

There is nothing better for your soul than Live, raw and moving theatre.

Living performance,

Living Music,

Living stage

Living lighting

The phones are off unless you're the girls in the front that had the flashlight flashed at and into my eyes a million times.

You are in the moment.

You are forced into the moment, into the story.

There is no turning away.

You hand your trust, mind and body over to be filled with what is being dished up.

Thank you for taking me away from real life for an hour.

I am thankful for the voices.

You have voices that don't sing to your ears but directly into your heart.

This musical did just that. High Notes, Sass and spunk.

I am thankful for the music that moved me tonight.

These girls are hands down astounding, with the art of this theatre oozing out.

To have your art, your talent moves people, make us clap, jump out of our seats and gasp in awe**. (or sound like a cat-like the lady in our row)

I am thankful is really all I want to say.

I am not writing a review - but it was fantastic.

I am just thankful to be in the moment with this art form.

Thank you for real Music

Real Voices

And a Real & Raw Moment.

Thank You to 6 The musical!

** Wonder if My Art Could ever Move you?

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