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Dear Harry and Meghan

Dear Haz and Megz.

Look, you will never read this, totally fine. But someone might and someone might change their views.

I ‘read’ (audiobooks are classed as reading, that's another blog that might come up/ablism) SPARE by Prince HARRY.

My heart, which lives unsafely on my sleeve.

My heart, that is always the spotter of truth.

My heart, that lives in the world not always made for me.

My heart broke for Harry, broke for HIS family. (not the royal family that he's attached to. When I say family I mean his family, not the royals)

Why I need this open letter, blog. I don’t know. Maybe it's my hyper-fixation since I listened. My anger each time I opened the news. I still bloody read it, and click it, but I have a better understanding of the other side.

And the unjust of this story.

I was in year 7 when Princess Di passed. I remember her well from the story the media spun, here in Australia we were still attached to the Motherland then. Maybe Australia had a hyper-fixation in the Royals then too. Not now. We are a bit like all the music stars pulling away from the Kings coronation in May.

Harry has been in my life since I was born, just like AFL football. It was everywhere, but not something that will ever be real. Being neurodivergent, you where here but I know yours not. (craziness talk for normies)

Why did I ‘read’ this? Why was a drawn to this? Because I thought it might just be easy. It's not.

It was a little distressing when I cry for mental health support, and it's upfront and raw. It also makes me angry, because again mental health is dragged into the media mud.


Let's throw away some quick media reference for the Prince: What you have been told to believe.

  • He's looking for fame

  • He's a brat

  • Spoilt

  • Killer

  • Drug addiction

  • Party animal

  • Out of touch.

  • Red hair must not be a real royal

  • Failing school, life, failing what we except him to be.

  • He hates the royals. He hates his father, his brother.

  • He loves women.

What I saw, is:

  • He's protecting his family. The way I protect mine. With my whole heart. If I have to yell out for fairness I do so.

  • He would kill for his queen, his country. But he also adored his grammy.

  • He was thrown into the light. Damage for being thrown around for the media, for our amusement.

  • He was always second, spare, less. He felt this. Grew up like you were never good enough ever.

  • The media has always been telling us who this Prince us, now by telling his own story he has found a voice. A real voice, not afraid of standing on anyone's toes. This is his thoughts, his healing and his right as a human.

  • He is finally telling his side, with his heart on his sleeve.

  • There was truth, passion, and love.

  • Love and respect for the people that truthfully loved him back. Not just Megs but friends in Africa, at school and his mothers friends.

  • Really he just was searching for pure love.

  • It was not a cry for help. It was unpacking of a life and the story he had no control of.

  • I didn't see any hatred towards the royals, he called the spade a spade. He placed his Ace onto the King, and he can't help that the bridge tumbled from the truth. They the royals have the playing deck in their hands, they have Murdoch on their side. If they don't like the spade, tell your side? If the house of cards are tumbling from this one spade? Doesn't it show you what was said, is the truth?

  • Any anger was not towards the royals.

  • Yes, There is typical family drama, just because they are royal doesn't mean they are perfect. The damage is because they are royal and living by old world royal times, it caused mental damage to Harry the spare and Harrys family. Harrys is not airing laundry, he's talking about the rules not the people.

  • What I found interesting, I remember the medias short stories about harry over the time, and he unspun the lies and gave honest reasons why he did what he did when he did it. He did not claim he was perfect, he admitted he made mistakes and he owned it. Bloody big thing for a human to do.

  • Alot of these mistakes wouldn't be big news if you were just normal, but being royal his mistakes were public, his mistakes told his story, his mistakes became him.

  • The anger the media refers to when reporting about the book. The anger, was directed at the media. This is the problem: the media didn’t like this, so they are the ones that have reviewed, and played the direction you view this book, as a waste, as a bore, as a hunt for fame. The same circle Haz calls out in this book, the reason for this book it's just spinning again.

And Meghans story been told to us in the daily mail, social media, Murdoch:

  • Chasing the lights,

  • Wanting the glamorous life,

  • Mentally unstable

  • From the wrong side of the tracks.

  • Bimbo

  • Actress

  • Not fit to be a royal

  • Not fit to be a mother

  • Not right for a Prince.

But what I see Harry can see In her.

  • She is one fierce, women for women rights.

  • Her understanding of the changes the world needs are truthful and just. (gee can you see why the Royals don't like this ‘change’)

  • Shes a mental health advocate, it matters.

  • Before even meeting the Prince, she was a supporter of the UN, bloody successful, she wondered about the world, she stood on her own feet. She was powerful then, and didn't need to be a princess.

  • Love, she took hell from the media for love.

  • Can you see how her love has powered Harry. Harry has his own voice because they broke together.

  • She doesn’t need him to be a prince, she needs him to be well.

This story needed to be told. Has the right to the debate to be told. But it now makes sense why the King edward ran away? Before social media, before media? And he wasn’t even the spare? It will be part of the story told. It is part of royal history. And hopefully one day told in a positive spin.

Harry and Meghan are people who have the power, and want to use to change the world for the better. But being 2nd, being the spare, you can not out shine above. Please let them shine now. Please report and see the pure.

No throwing anyone under the bus, but standing up.

I wish them the chance for them to quietly and peacefully raise their children. With parents like this, they too will change the world. They will be kind, accepting as hopefully well balanced because of what their parents have balanced and fought.

I hope they gain the strength, because right now they need the space for their own wellbeing, to fight. The fight for the pure goodness that is in their hearts and use the power they have to reach this change.

Human rights,

Animal rights,

Mental health rights,

Climate change,

Veterans needs

Women rights,

How to end this?

Thank you I guess? Thank you for being human, for being real in a world that is so fake.

Sending pure love to your family.


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