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I Caught Covid

I Tried to Make A Video:

What if you hate the sound of your voice?

What if you don’t like what you look like?

What if you look like and sounded like a dog breakfast because of covid?


I am going to use little me. Child me, to say


To show you around my artwork

I think this is appropriate really.

My art always links back to my childhood.

I am moulded and formed by my childhood.

I am still this child (cute) at heart.

There is innocence

And there was pure kindness.

While I can’t be at the art fair until Sunday.

I Have a Few Quick Thanks.

First of All a shout to everyone that has stood up and helped out.

The Ratbags and The Mulguthrie Crew.

Covid is not fun, but it shows pure human kindness and love.

Thank you to all the Team and other artists from The other fair. Your Messages of support from some full-blown amazing artists that knock my socks off have bought some cheer!

Good Luck to you all, Enjoy a Bombay Gin for me!

Timo, and the Kids. Always think I am famous because I have a youtube channel and they are the only ones that follow me. Thank you for supporting me.

To all the sponsors!

Well done and thank you for choosing ART. In the town that bleeds Football and Sports, you see us!

We are here in Melbourne and we are ready to take on the world!

Maya and Luke.

When I was lost, down and broken, there was kindness and love.

But even before this blasted Covid, your support was amazing.

Pushing for more.

Believing and seeing me!

Downright legends. I am hoping you have me back!

Thank you for creating a place for artists to be celebrated, supported and loved.

This is why I have been so heartbroken.


"The Other

Art Fair" is...

is Art in itself!

To be just selected I am beyond honoured and no words really express this.

No words express my disappointment and how I have felt the last two days.

This is more than missing a Market.

This is a dream

An opportunity.

And I felt like this was my next step to grow and be heard.

So I could sit here and feel horrid and sad for myself. Boo Hoo.

Or let me make something NEW

Let me work with the situation

And Grow.

So Welcome to the special Melb Art Fair x Aimee Timpson Website Page.

Find and Watch Videos and Art.

Leave Messages

Find me on social Media

Order Fine Art Prints.

Wow, this is longer than I thought.

So Enjoy


Enjoy The Other Art Fair Melb, Enjoy While at the Art Fair or take me home!


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