Who Is Aimees Visual Arts? 

Who Is Aimees Visual Arts? 


Aimee established Aimee’s Visual Arts and Photography in 2016 when she moved from Perth to Victoria.  Art has always been a part of Aimee’s life and when you view her works, the passion that lies therein is obvious. Now settled in the Macedon Ranges, Aimee’s portfolio is as extensive and changing as the picturesque mountains that surround her. Her first solo exhibition from the early stage of her career in Warnambool, entitled The Same Same But Different sums up her works: she takes the most mundane of things and turns them into something unique and awe-inspiring.


Aimee has attended a variety of institutions over the years which have helped to evolve her talent.  She studied Visual Arts at South West TAFE in Warnambool, Visual Arts at Deakin University and at the Photography College in Melbourne.  She combines traditional art methods with photography and digital technologies to create her signature style.  


Aimee draws her inspiration from her children and music, which is understandable, since they are usually present when she is creating. Her artistic influences range from her own art teachers and mentors, Glenn Morgen and Jen Altman; to the likes of pop art extraordinaire, David Hockney, Joy Hester, Andy Warhol and Picasso. Aimee’s distinctive, vibrant, colour-mash creations are a stunning reflection of her own take on these artists’ styles. 


Aimee’s unique artwork is celebrated in the Macedon Ranges and beyond. Her studio is part of the Macedon Ranges Art Trail and has featured works in Woodend for two years running as part of the Woodend Winter Festival. Aimee’s The Power of the Flower works were featured at Monsalvat in 2019, as well as part of the Art On Piper exhibition in Kyneton. Aimee’s The New F Word exhibition will similarly grace the Residents Gallery in November of this year while also working on art work as a Winners of the Loddon Mallee Renewable Energy Art Award where here art work will travel around Victoria early 2020. She has also been recognised by her secondary school, Emmanuel College in Warnambool, and will receive a Young Alumni Achievers Award this year for excellence in her field of expertise. In 2019 Aimee also became a member of the rural room. A group of all different creatives all over Australia, supporting and encouraging each other. 


Aimee’s ready-made artwork is available for purchase from her website and Redbubble account. She regularly works with clients to create new art for them, especially using photos of people for sketch or pop art style designs. Aimee is currently working on the images for two picture book collaborations and has published her own children’s book, The Boy With Special Powers. Her artwork also featured on the cover of the The Mira Side, the debut novel of local author, Karla Popovic.


Aimee’s ultimate dream, like most artists, is to make a sustainable income through her passion. She enjoys revisiting her favourite galleries, Heidi and The National Gallery of Victoria and she would love to visit the Mona Lisa again one day. Aimee lives with her husband, two children and dog, Bob and now a cheeky Rabbit Ruby. You might find her creating to blaring music, or curled up in a chair in the sunshine doing some iPad art. Her works have been sent all over the world and she continues to enjoy sharing her passion with art lovers of all kinds.

Aimee isn't just about her own art, she's encouraging so many other people to follow dreams, to relearn how to be creative and use art to feel good in such a busy world. Please reach out she's always happy to chat.

Are you after help?

Any age, any stage of your art career... Please reach out, Aimee has been tutoring all artists for the past 3 years. She is VERY passionate that EVERYONE can make art. 

We are just taught to give up on it.

Email Aimee for Help and she will contact you quickly! 


Winner of the Loddon Mallee Renewable Energy Art Award 


Induction to Inspiring Alumni for Emmanuel College Warrnambool as young achiever. 


Solo Exhibitions at Monsalvat. Montsalvat is Australia’s oldest continuously active artists’ community


Front cover of the Macedon Ranges Art Trail brochure 2019 - 2020 


Member of  MRAT Macedon Ranges art Trail  & Rural Room 


Donated art works to many  local community projects, Royal Children’s Hospital and 2018 and 2019 The Royal Melbourne Hospital Neuroscience Foundation


Artwork displayed and for sale at the following Thank you thank you & thank you  so much please support local business! 


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