Aimee and





Artwork created with excitement and emotion. A touch of the local environment, and a voice that carries passion and reason.


Aimee's art, speaking and words are always with heart and passion. There is truth, kindness and hope.  


Aimee uses art as therapy. She addresses social issues and anxieties with a bold mixture of vibrant colour and text. Sometimes the artwork is a stance on something that needs to be protected and protested or gratitude to what makes the world just right.  


Each artwork comes together in layers. 

Aimee creates a mess in the garage or garden, painting with her hands or flowers and sometimes maybe a paintbrush. 

It is a delicate dance, with all senses taking part. 


Aimee then captures the layers and the world around her with photography and moves into the digital world. 


Then she can edit, adding more dynamic and energetic colours. Drawing over the images with her iPad, creating a photomontage of artwork, photography, images and text. 


Aimee established Aimee’s Visual Arts and Photography in 2016 when she moved from Perth back to Victoria.  Art has always been a part of Aimee’s life, even before this point. Now settled in the Macedon Ranges, where the seasons change and bring a fresh look on the world. 


Aimee's has celebrated a number of achievements in the last few years: 


Winner of the Loddon Mallee Renewable Energy Art Award 


Induction to Inspiring Alumni for Emmanuel College Warrnambool as a young achiever.           


3 Solo Exhibitions at Monsalvat Gallery. Montsalvat is Australia’s oldest continuously active artists’ community


Front cover of the Macedon Ranges Art Trail brochure 2019 - 2020 




Just seeing her art in peoples homes and on gallery walls. 


Aimee has donated artworks to local community projects, Royal Children’s Hospital and in 2018 and 2019 The Royal Melbourne Hospital Neuroscience Foundation. 


However, these are not her only achievements. Each piece of artwork is a beautiful ‘achievement’ for someone who had almost given up a number of times. 


The smiles on peoples face when they get to make art with Aimee, or the happiness that fills people when viewing or receiving Aimee’s Artwork are all worth more than a piece of paper. Aimee isn't just about her own art, she encourages so many other people to follow dreams, to relearn how to be creative and use art to feel good in such a busy world. Please reach out she's always happy to chat



Aimee has attended a variety of institutions over the years which have helped to evolve her talent.  She studied Visual Arts at South West TAFE in Warnambool, Visual Arts at Deakin University and at the Photography College in Melbourne.



Aimee draws her inspiration from her children and music, which is understandable since they are usually present when she is creating. Her artistic influences range from her own art teachers and mentors, Glenn Morgan and Jen Altman; to the likes of POP ART extraordinaire, David Hockney, Joy Hester, Andy Warhol and Picasso. Aimee’s distinctive, vibrant, colour-mash creations are a stunning reflection of her own take on these artists styles.