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Aimee Timpson


Aimee is a gifted visual artist whose work emanates excitement and emotion, infused with a local touch. Her art expresses a voice that is passionate and reasoned, reflecting her deep commitment to utilizing art as a form of therapy and a means of addressing social issues and anxieties.

Aimee's artistic process is an intricate dance that engages all the senses. She paints with her hands or flowers, occasionally using a paintbrush, creating beautiful chaos in her garage or garden. Each artwork is a multi-layered creation that captures the world around her through photography, which she then enhances with digital editing and a bold mixture of vibrant colors and text. She uses her iPad to draw over the images, creating photomontages of art, photography, images, and text. In context, Aimee will paint by hand and then come back to reality.

Aimee founded Aimee's Visual Arts and Photography in 2016, after moving back to Victoria from Perth. However has been making and creating since she was a child. 


Her recent achievements include being accepted to The Other Art Fair Melbourne 2023 (although the event did not take place due to unforeseen circumstances), And attended The Other Art Fair 2022, Winning the Loddon Mallee Renewable Energy Art Award, being inducted into Emmanuel College Warrnambool's Inspiring Alumni as a young achiever, and having three solo exhibitions at Monsalvat Gallery, Australia's oldest continuously active artists' community. Her artwork was also featured on the front cover of the Macedon Ranges Art Trail brochure for 2019-2020.

As an artist, Aimee draws inspiration from her children and music, which are often present during her creative process. She has studied visual arts at South West TAFE in Warnambool, Deakin University, and the Photography College in Melbourne.


Her influences range from her own art teachers and mentors, Glenn Morgan and Jen Altman, to iconic figures such as David Hockney, Joy Hester, Andy Warhol, and Picasso.

Apart from her traditional artistic skills, Aimee has recently been exploring NFTs to showcase her art in the digital realm.

Aimee's art is not only aesthetically pleasing but also delivers a meaningful message.


Her pieces are created with passion and emotion, reflecting the local environment and addressing social issues and anxieties. Each artwork is a multi-layered creation that captures the world around her, and her unique approach of painting with her hands, flowers, and a paintbrush adds an authentic touch to her work.

Aimee's achievements and recognition in the art world are a testament to her talent and dedication. Her recent foray into NFTs demonstrates her willingness to embrace new technologies to reach a broader audience. Nonetheless, she still values her traditional approach to painting, which is an integral part of her creative process.

When you purchase Aimee's art, you are supporting a talented artist and investing in a piece that tells a story and carries a message. Her art has been featured in exhibitions, galleries, and brochures, making it a valuable addition to any collection.


By purchasing Aimee's art, you are supporting a worthy cause and an artist who is passionate about using art as a means of therapy and addressing social issues.

Nevertheless, Aimee still relies on her hands-on approach to painting, which remains an essential aspect of her creative process. Aimee's art is a stunning reflection of her unique perspective and personal style, and she encourages others to pursue their dreams and use art as a way of feeling good in a busy world.


Please do not hesitate to contact her; she is always delighted to chat!

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