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The Other Art Fair Melbourne

The Other Art Fair.

It’s Tuesday after bump out.

I still wake at 2 am and think of The Other Art Fair.

I am startled awake.

What I said wrong,

what I did wrong


how I did wrong.

The sadness has been put down to grief of something I feel I have missed.

But these wrongs are okay, but they are turned into what I will do better…

next time...

They make me hold my breath and even feel uneasy.

These wrongs are now written down during day hours, and right next to them is the plan to move and grow.

3 am Thinking is never kind! Nothing Ever will be good at this time of day.

Covid creates sadness. A strange sadness that is heavy and holds on.

Get past the morning thinking, and overthinking.

Time to take time.

And see how far in just one weekend I grew.

Next time plan.

Because I am sure there will be the next time even after the anxiety and apprehension.

The positives out weight the negatives.

Covid and the Universe:

Fuck you covid!

I would not get covid again - haha not that is something I can ever control.

This was the biggest lesson right there.

I am human.

The universe threw this at me when I kept praying the universe would have my back.

I was upset because I felt like the universe had dropped the ball on me.

However, the universe just dealt me a lesson, that will only make me grow.

This huge setback taught me the most. This kicked me in the lungs and I still can’t take the big breath in.

I am still really unsettled with this point.

I have to forgive the universe and even thank her. This is going to take a long time.


Help needs to be asked for. This is hard in itself - it’s a bit like the audacity of hope.

Again you can’t just go through a drive-through and ask for “a Big Mac and some hope and a slice of help”

Help for you, and help for me are found in different places. Hope where you expect to be found disappears and you can't always trust it sticks around in the same place.

The big lesson here - is I can accept paid help. Paid help in this situation is something you can trust and rest on. There is no payback needed, it’s now not a weight on my shoulders.

Next time, I would pay for more help. This links to my next point.


The Other Art Fair is expensive.

Money part 1:

Selling of art:

I watched people sell, over and over, while I did not make or sell any art.

This could really cut deep. And I watched people get disheartened because of this fact.

We put out art out there to be bought. And society has such a value on money.

I did address myself mentally before hand.

My art is not pretty.

My art doesn’t make you feel comfortable.

It addressess issues.

It makes you think.

It can change the world.

I didn’t make money. But with some people that have reached out to me already - it did its job it made a difference and its moved people.

So for me this is where I will lay the success of The Other Art Fair.

Money 2:

Spend money:

I need to spend money.

This blows your budget, but next time these things will be budgeted in. And artists are well know as the poor of society. Its totally true!

Pay for help.

You as the artist need to be there. But you also need to feel like you can walk away. Some people have help from family and friends - but it goes back to the payback and the weight of that payback.

You are exhausted. You are not a sales agent.

Pay for someone to help you design and show your art off in the best way possible. Someone that is not emotionally connected to the artwork.

We are 100% part of our art and we can not pull ourselves away from this. This doesn’t really have to be a big $ spend, but just an outsider to bounce off.

Pay for travel, Hanging, packing up, and bringing it home.

5 pm on Sunday. You want to walk right on out. You don’t want to wait around for your 15 min loading dock.

Walkout - and get dinner at a decent time finally. Walkout on a positive


It takes a lot of time.

Its time away from your family

Its also time away from just making art. Which mentally did me no good.

Its long hours

Its A lot of time.

Other Artists:

This is the best thing about The Other Art Fair.

Are the artists.

Apart from watching the sales with envy - there is no competition and even celebration from your neighbour on making the sale.

The is the neighbour that keeps an eye on your phone that you accidentally left when going to the toilet in a quiet moment.

Husbands that have no clue in art help each other outside by side. I would even say enjoying themselves.

Meeting new people, new friends even.

Boosing and supporting each other up.

The giggles about how bad the coffee was. and IT really was the worst.

Giving each other new ideas, and learning about others.

Art forms,




the movement

and the beliefs of their art.

Getting so exhausted that you start to dance to the DJ

And the understanding that we would totally rather be at home with out familys, fur babies and in our PJs making art that being there in the cold face of art.

We stood there looking proud and confident but we were all dying inside.

99% of us were introverts pretending to be extroverts.

Dealing with the happy people, and being able to laugh at the rude. To feel better together.

So Is it worth the money?

Money is a big part of art.

But it also shouldn’t be. But it is.

Art is heart

Art is soul

Art can be made

And it can certainly break you.

It cost a lot of money, and next time I would spend more.

And even with the spending of more money - I still could not sell a thing.

But the people you meet.

The inspiration

"Its the vibe" said in a Darryl Kerrigan tone of voice.

It's the place.

The love.

Its a place were a story fits.

And is accepted

People are their to see, to learn from you.

Its a chance to shine.

So maybe no sales were made.

But I earned more than any gallery has ever given me.

I saw the guests joy, wonder and we even inspired.

Thank you The Other Art Fair for having me!

For flipping and twisting for me.

I could have easy given up. And lost the money.

But thanks to Maya,

She stepped me through.

Thank you.

To Luke

What a world The Other Art Fair is. You mix and match and change us.

We even start to believe we can stand out.

The Other Art Fair

I have said it before.

Is art on its own.

It is something that needs to be treasured.

A place where the normal and abstract come together and dream.

Oh my gosh


What a star.

She is the one that patched and held it all together.

Even thought above I talk about paying someone and not having to pay it back. This girl I will be in debt to forever.

Fern and Janet - the neighbours.

The compassion and care.

This is not because they were at The Other Art Fair.

They are just genuine caring humans.

Thank you.

Next step…

NFT - Nah just joking it was just the ‘buzz’ word of the fair.

Wait and see - but I have been inspired & a touch of healing.

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