Written and Illustrated by Aimee


Sensory processing disorder and anxiety look ‘normal’. People do not understand what else is happening, how the brain is processing so much information. 

Some people think they also have a right to comment on this disorder as if we are naughty, lazy, or just not smart. 


Written by Kate Kenneally and Illustrated by Aimee


I have a neighbor. Her name is ms sparks and she's pretty amazing, Even though she says and does stuff that lots of people call crazy! Of all the people in my whole street she's by far my favorite.

Screen Shot 2019-04-23 at 2.47.58 pm.png

Written By Karla Popovic

Illustrated by Aimee 


She had always seen

the world in another way, and not just from her own point of view, she literally saw things differently…

But Mira had a job to do.

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